Seller Agreement

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    We are so excited to welcome you as a STYLZA Seller, soon exposing your products to a substantial customer base, while also including you in our extensive marketing campaigns.

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    ○ By signing this page, you are agreeing to our Seller terms.

    ○ Once signed, you will receive access to a private Sellers Folder for your brand, via Google Docs.

    ○ It will be your responsibility to populate your product information on your product sheet, as well set your "Seller Payout Price" for each of your products. These are the prices you are authorised to bill STYLZA for online sales. STYLZA reserves the right to mark-up your "Seller Payout Price" at its own discretion.

    Once live, requests to change product descriptions or pricing can be submitted during office hours with a lead time of one working day to

    ○ When one of your products sells we will charge the customer upfront, and notify you immediately to dispatch delivery to the customer.

    ○ You are able to bill STYLZA as and when you wish in a monthly cycle.

    ○ Funds will take roughly 7 working days to reflect in your account after invoicing us.

    Please send invoices to using a professional invoicing software. If you do not already have one in place, we can recommend the free invoicing package.

    ○ As a STYLZA Seller, you are obligated to meet our delivery terms: 5 working days.

    ○ As per consumer law STYLZA customers can choose to return items within 30 days. STYLZA will pay for a courier to collect the product(s) from the customer and return them to you, upon which you must refund the customer in full.

    ○ We reserve the right to discontinue working with a Seller if our delivery terms are not met.

    ○ We reserve the right to discontinue working with a Seller if product quality is flagged as sub-par.

    ○ We reserve the right to discontinue working a Seller if their brand or associates are brought into disrepute through legal misconduct or bad behaviour.

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